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with Susie Garlick

Introducing Susie Garlick:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education
  • Master of Arts in Professional Counseling
  • Author of DiddleDots: Tips to Ease the Craziness of Parenting
  • Creator of Seeds: Conversations that help our adolescent girls grow
  • Founder and Owner of At the Parenting Place
  • Mom to her three favorites
What Moms Are Saying About Susie:
"Susie has reinforced that parents are here to guide and listen to their children as they make their own choice, and ultimately, mistakes. She offered practical, easy to implement suggestions that change the way a family interacts with one another and reduces conflict by setting boundaries and consequences. Everyone needs a sprinkle of Susie in their lives."
 ~Melissa E. from Phoenix, Arizona

"Susie offers us the perfect blend of relatable understanding as a mother, thoughtful guidance and direction, honest assessments of personal situations and challenges, the gift of being heard, achievable goals and a safe, comforting environment to share and learn in. Our time with her is invaluable! "
 ~Ashley S. from Phoenix, Arizona

"I have been attending parenting classes with Susie Garlick of At the Parenting Place for a year and a half now and I honestly don't know what I would do without her wisdom, insight, and parenting advice.  She is so knowledgeable in every aspect of parenting from a counselor and teacher's perspective, but also knows first hand because she is a mother to 3 of her own kids. "
 ~Mandi S. from Phoenix, Arizona

"Susie helped our family tremendously with middle school issues! She taught me to "reframe" my son from negative labels from others. The tools Susie gave me changed my son and our relationship. An empty frame in my living room reminds me daily to "reframe"! "
 ~Jill B. from Phoenix, Arizona

"I loved your class and every class had a little takeaway that I applied in my repertoire of parenting skills. I especially liked the reminder to not always run to the rescue of your child, that they need to figure things out on their own and only interject if they have asked or you deem it necessary. I like the comraderie of motherhood and the open forum discussions that come with your class too! Thank you Susie!
 ~Julie H. from Phoenix, Arizona

I loved Susie's class so much and found it to be extremely beneficial! I am constantly striving to make a difference in my family's happiness and I found her class to be extremely useful with her curriculum and tools she shared with us! I implement these tools as often as I can and have found them to be useful! I especially enjoyed taking the class with my Mom friend's who have boys the same age as mine, therefore allowing us all to be on the same page and support each other when struggling with different situations! Love all Susie's quotes and info on instagram and facebook too! I never miss one and I am always learning from them! I strongly recommend her class for everyone!!
 ~Kellie B. from Phoenix, Arizona

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